Bee Informed

The benefits of honey and honey bees have been known for thousands of years and still we’re learning more all the time.  Here we post links to articles and PDF’s of information pertaining to bees and their honey.  If you encounter an interesting piece, please contact us so we can include it here.  The information is divided into 4 main categories: Allergy Related, Health Benefits, Wound and Skin Benefits, and General Information.

Allergy Related

Click here to read,Can you fight allergies with local honey

Article titled, Local Honey and Allergies

Check out this link for a good explanation of why honey can help your allergies:

Health Benefits

A study about the incredible effect of bee venom on the HIV virus, and potentially other deadly viruses.  Study: Bee Venom Can Kill the HIV Virus

Study by the National Cancer Institute released 1/2013 discusses the promise of bee venom destroying cancerous tumors, titled, “Tiny “Nanobee” Particles Deliver Cell-Killing Bee Toxin to Tumors in Mice”

A  2013 study of Manuka Honey and Taxol working together to fight cancer

Research study about Honey and cancer

Read how honey eases nighttime coughing for kids

Wounds and Skin Benefits

PDF version of an article about honey used to cure wounds: Honey Treatment Dating Back to Sumerians Saves Limbs

General Information

Great facts about honey and bees (fantastic for kids, and adults!) Print this! Trivia questions and answers

Concise article about the risk you take when buying commercially prepared honey